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At Acupuncture Plus Holistic Center in Spring Hill, we are committed to helping patients discover healing and pain relief through natural remedies, like injection therapy and acupuncture. Our patients see noticeable results and a greater sense of well-being with our treatment. Read testimonials below to see what kind of results you can experience.

I have been to see Dr. Susan for acupuncture and regularly go to Ed for massage. They are always professional, rooms are very welcoming and calm (very “zen”!). I always look forward to going there – and am never disappointed in the service.

- Dawn Baird

Susan Phillips relieved extreme pain in my lower back in 4 treatments. I had a compression fracture of L-3 vertebrae and alter had Kyphoplasty (filled with cement) to stabilize it. I also have osteo plasty they said. So I am taking calcium from the sea at this vitamin store. Also will take estrogen & progesterone

- Earl McFall

Thank you Susan. After acupuncture with you I always feel incredibly refreshed, energized and ready to tackle the world. Thank you for your healing hands and caring touch!

- Betsy Schalkham

I was a heavy smoker for close to 40 years. I tried the patch and the pill at $120 and Hypnosis twice at $75 each time. Nothing worked I had this treatment from Dr. Susan Phillips and I AM A NON SMOKER IT DEFINITELY WORKS. Thank you so much, I will now be around to watch my children & grandchildren grow.

- Juanita Jukas, Hudson, FL

Dr. Susan Phillips, represents all that is positive about a well educated and trained, licensed Acupuncture Physician Also, she studied Chinese medicine in China as part of her journey to becoming a Holistic Physician.

Dr Phillips combines, all of her background, including being a licensed RN, with her intuitive and empathic gifts.

For me, Dr. Phillips has treated a neck injury, with treatment and supplements, with great success. I am grateful to have maintained my mobility thanks to her. Dr. Phillips has helped me with my asthma symptoms with treatment and supplements. I could go on and on, like I have already, the proof will be in the results. Try her…It will be life changing.

- Lorraine Cullen

I was 78 years old and not well. my daughter referred me to Dr. Susan Phillips. Her analysis and advice has resulted in major improvements in my health and eliminated my use of certain prescriptions. For 13 years I have continued to see her and at age 91 she has my appreciation as one of the best doctors of my life.

- Albert S. Ginouves

I have been using Dr. Susan Phillips as my primary care physician for almost 8 years now. She has been able to keep me off many standard western medical prescriptions and kept me healthy thru her nutritional counseling and good advice. I would advise anyone with a health issue to use her as well as someone for good preventive maintenance.”

- Anonymous

Relieving pain from joints in my knees and hips, the footbath has been a great detox for me. My skin has always had a tint of yellow but after the footbath my skin turned a pinkish red.
I have been receiving footbath and acupuncture treatments together and my friends have noticed an improvement in my energy.

- Diane Y

Dear Dr. Phillips & Co,
Thank you so much for helping me get over my crisis with my broken wrist.
Dr. Phillips: thank you for your patience and care. I know I am healing and is because of your treatment. (I am writing this with my right hand!!) Thanks for letting me share stories about other therapists and my dog. Thank you to everyone for reminding to make an appointment, tell funny stories and in general feel welcome.
In that note, I hope I never see you again. (under those circumstances) Perhaps a cup of coffee or tea would be nice. I would bake a cake, but I’m not a very food baker. Yesterday I chopped celery & garlic. I am moving onto the onions. You made a big difference in my small world. Thanks for being there, and being you.

- Kathy

The salt Footbath has proven to be miraculous for me. For several years I have suffered a multitude of pains in various joints. I have been a regular for massage and acupuncture which has given me a measure of relief. And now that I have added the footbaths, it seems to me that I have almost been pain free. Another factor may be making sure to drink more than eight glasses of water each day

- Johnna Grieble

Doctors said the foot would never work and the rest of the leg about 40% would not work again. Surgery would not help me. Pain killer’s was the only recommendation. I could have all I want. NO!! I searched for other treatment.
It has not been easy, and took forever like years. The foot works not with total strength, but it works. The leg works.
I have bad days and it will not take a lot, however I am no longer just dragging it. I am still seeing improvement even so slow and it has been 7 years.
Acupuncture works, maybe not on everything. I can walk. That’s pretty good for me.

- Sharon Buffington

I have been feeling better, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Improving is always good. Thank you wonderful people.

- Delia Florit

Foot Bath – All swelling around knees were lessened immediately next day no swelling.

- Tahira Lee