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Dr. Susan L. Phillips, RN, AP, DOM
Lic# AP1520

Susan started her career in the healing arts in 1975. Having graduated from an accredited nursing program, she plunged headlong into the realm of Intensive Care where she was in charge of a 14-bed unit with a 24-bed telemetry step-down unit attached.


It did not take her long to realize that although the technology of the day assisted greatly in helping to diagnose patients, the pharmaceutical world was a dangerous place. As the years went on, this trend got completely out of control. If you examine current statistics, over 120,000 people die per year from prescription drug use.


Susan could not continue to work in an environment that did not view healing from a holistic perspective. In 1986, she attended Suncoast School of Massage in Tampa, becoming enthralled with the effectiveness of massage, not only in restoring function after injury, but improving athletic performance. She studied many modalities such as craniosacral therapy, neuromuscular, etc. Susan, having suffered trauma while employed at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, Florida, was still looking for more answers, both for her own body and to help others more effectively. Susan had been involved in a helicopter crash while working as a lifeflight nurse. This is when she discovered a medicine beyond anything she could ever have imagined: Chinese medicine.

It went into every realm she knew was necessary to heal: body, mind, and spirit. In 1996, she began her studies of Eastern medicine and in 2000, she graduated cum laude from Southwest College in Santa Fe, NM. She spent time in Beijing, China, studying herbs, acupuncture, and qigong. She is board certified nationally in Chinese herbology and acupuncture and received a Dr. of Oriental Medicine after sitting for the board in New Mexico. She brings her heart as well as intuitive skills into her practise. She has been practising Chinese and Holistic Medicine in Hernando County since 2001.

  • Certified in Injection Therapy, Medical Qigong and laser therapy
  • Member of Acupuncturists without Borders and The American Association of Oriental Medicine